CIS and you as a consumer

Everyone may come into contact with CIS at some stage. If you apply for insurance or file a claim with your insurance company, they can check the CIS database. 

If there is any insurance-related information about you in the CIS database, for example because you have claimed on your insurance policy in the past few years, the insurance company or authorised agent can use it in assessing your application. 

Every insurance company or authorised agent will use the information in their own way. Our members can tell you more about their underwriting policy themselves.

If you would like to find out what information about you is held in the CIS database, click here to view any records there may be about you.

It is the insurance company’s or authorised agent’s responsibility to ensure that the information they enter in the database is correct. CIS is simply the administrator of the CIS database, so we do not check whether your name is spelled incorrectly, whether a claim has been entered when it should not have been, or whether an insurance policy has been incorrectly cancelled or refused. If you believe a mistake has been made or you don’t agree with a decision made by the insurance company or authorised agent, you can take this up with the insurance company or authorised agent yourself.